abstraction and empathy essays in the psychology of style

ABSTRACTION and. EMPATHY. A Contribution to the Psychology of Style by. WILHELM WORRINGER. Translated from the German byMichael Bullock. With an Introduction by ... criticism in a bril liant essay called "Spatial Form in Modern Literature" by ... "the psychology of style," his studies took him to the great collection of
Wilhelm Robert Worringer was a German art historian known for his theories about abstract art and its relation to avant-garde movements such as German Expressionism. Through his influence on the art critic T. E. Hulme, his ideas were influential in the development of early British modernism, especially Vorticism. Contents.
Wilhelm Worringer s landmark study in the interpretation of modern art, first published in 1908, has seldom been out of print. Its profound impact not only on art historians and theorists but also for generations of creative writers and intellectuals is almost unprecedented. Starting from the notion that beauty derives from our
the basic purpose of my essay is to show that this modern aesthetics, which proceeds from the concept of empathy, is inapplicable to wide tracts of art history. Its Archimedian point is ... No psychology of the need for art – in the terms of our modern standpoint: of the need for style – has yet been written. It would be a history of
Abstraction and Empathy: A Contribution to the Psychology of Style [Wilhelm Worringer] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 2014 Reprint of 1953 New York Edition. Full facsimile of the original edition, not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. In this text.
contemporary painting require in-depth investigation, and need to be addressed in self-standing essays. ... 4 Wilhelm Worringer, Abstraction and Empathy: A Contribution to the Psychology of Style (New York: ... Also, Rudolf Arnheim, New Essays on the Psychology of Art (Berkeley, Los Angeles, London: University.
(8) Wilhelm Worringer: Abstraction and empathy - a contribution to the psychology of style, Chicago, Elephant paperbacks, 1997. 1st German ... Worringer was not - at least at the time he published Abstraction and Empathy - particularly concerned with 'modern art'. ... In his essay The Aesthetic of Beuron, (9) Lenz said:.
A Contribution to the Psychology of Style Wilhelm Worringer. influence on the early critical thought of T. 8. Eliot, had met the author of Abstraction and Empathy at a conference in Berlin. He was the ... It was in that essay that I first heard of Abstraction and Empathy when I was an undergraduate in the late 1940s. It remains for
Art historian Wilhelm Worringer developed the idea of empathy in relation to aesthetics in a 1908 book, Abstraktion und Einfühlung: ein Beitrag zur Stilpsychologie (Abstraction and Empathy: Essays in the Psychology of Style), drawing on the theories of Theodor Lipps and Aloïs Riegl.1 Aesthetic empathy, as philosopher
ABSTRACTION. AND. EMPATHY. In 1906 Wilhelm Worringer, a twenty-five-year-old student of art history, wrote a dissertation published two years later as a book under the title Abstraktion und Einfiihlung: Ein Beitrag zur Stilpsychologie (29). This academic "contribution to the psychology of style" turned out to be one of the

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